Krayzie BoneTheze Dayz

Krayzie, bam, asu, and k-mont: thug mentality 1999 Krayzie I'm representin' muthafuckin' thugline n***a, in 1999/ you muthafuckers wanna Find the real thugs and hustlas, n***a? Come to the muthafuckin' ghetto where we from/ now we're the real thugs -refrain- This how we livin' these days (and this is for my gangsta, gangsta, gangsta/ and That one's for my thugsta, thugsta, thugsta) Krayzie N***a, these days, we kill you much quicker to get us some paper/ you feelin' Me? These days, you gotta be packin' a gun; everybody your enemy/ these days, it's Every n***a for they self 'cause it ain't no such thing as friends and wealth, so nice n****s get left/ and That's why These days, you gotta be raw out here on the streets/ tell 'em, these days You can't be fu***n' with n****s that's weak/ and these days, no tellin' when You'll meet your coffin I seen it too often, that's why f**k flossin' I take caution/ don't trip, s**t If you're rich, you're rich 'cause if you slip, somebody waitin' to get at you/ grab your cash and split your S**t These days, stay on the low-low and away from po-po/ unless you're ready to pull Your fo'-fo' and blow/ how come these days n****s wanna be the don of the mob? They claim it, but they never qualify for the job/ these days We bustin' at muthafuckers quicker, simply 'cause it's 1999, n***a.... -refrain- K-mont Hey yo, I'm straight out of the bricks, and y'all ain't worthy to serve me/ I'm The type to jump out your bushes and bust you With the 30, 30 you want beef? I pack pistol packin' utilities/ I'm the type of N***a that'll send letterbombs to all my enemies I can't even walk to the airport for bein' who I was/ the police all on my d**k, Because they recognize a thug/ n***a, We tryin' to get money, we don't respect the police/ until us thugs unite, it Ain't gon' never be no peace/ n****s be goin' to School with nothin' but murda on they mind; givin' a f**k about teachers/ Bustin' shotguns and 9's/ picture the scenes And screams and everybody runnin'/ get on your knees, and pray n***a, 'cause the Son of the lord is comin' Asu You know I came in time; that's my frame of mind/ now I'm able to separate the Deaf from the weak, dumb, and the blind N****s can't get none of mine/ not even some of mine/ just 'cause you got on a Watch, n***a, don't mean you know the time You stagnatin'/ you fags hatin' my motion/ from ocean to ocean, my magic potion Is devotion/ the nerve to hate what I Deserve to do wasn't a curse/ it was a signal; that's why that a** crashed, Forgot to put on your blinker/ are. W. I.: rollin' while Infatuated/ I graduated; now I want my masters/ y'all done agitated disaster, And at every end's a start/ I slip in the art with My heart and soul/ it's smart to roll, but dumb to come/ don't become the one I Fold like a lawnchair/ you shouldn't have Gone there/ what's the deal with the long stares? What's the purpose, jokers on Earth surface to surface, and any problem is Handled with same-day service? Come on, come on, come on... -refrain- Bam We run the blocks, stop the clocks, told the coppers to not set trip; it's our Spot/ gave y'all shots, and let the drama pop Don't escalate the 4-5-9, it's why we dead or alive/ point of survival/ let's Get points with real n****s lives/ but you only see Raw meat on streets; these n****s love their heat/ nowadays all bustas wanna Thug like me You see it be those ways that was so simple/ execution style to gristle/ from The chair, heard 'em Whistle for my nigga/ mental is money, murda, ridin', dumpin' Head back to all of y'all since every n****s are hard and provin' they got the Bigger balls Scared of the laws, told what he saw and what he lookin' like/ broke him off in The midnight I spared his life I said this s**t is tight -refrain- © 2014