Krayzie BoneTheze Dayz

[Krayzie Bone] I'm representing motherf***ing Thugline n**** (1999) Motherf***ers want to find the real thugs and hustlers, n**** (f***ing b****es) Come to the motherf***ing ghetto where we from n**** Now where the real thugs? [Chorus - Krayzie Bone] This is how we living these days [x8] (And this is for my gangster, gangster, gangster) (And that one's for my thugster, thugster, thugster) [Krayzie Bone] N**** these days we killing much quicker to get us some paper, ya feeling me? These days you got to be packing a gun everybody your enemy These days it's every n**** for they self Cause it ain't no such thing as friends And well, so nice n****z get left And that's cause these days you got to be raw out here on the streets Tell 'em these days you can't be f***ing with n****z that's weak And these days no telling when you'll meet your coffin I seen it too often that's why f*** flossing; I take caution Don't trip, s*** if your rich your rich Cause if you slip somebody waiting to get At you grab ya cash and split ya s*** These days stay in the low low and away from po-po Unless you ready to pull your fo' fo' and blow (OH!) How come these days n****z want to be the don of the mob? They claim it but they never qualify for the job These days we busting at motherf***ers quicker Simply 'cause its 1999 n**** (n**** n**** n****) [Chorus] [K-Mont] Ay yo I'm straight out of the bricks and y'all ain't worthy to serve me I'm the type that jump out your bushes and bust you with a 30, 30 You want beef? I pack pistol packing utilities I'm the type of n**** that'll send letter bombs to all my enemies I can't even walk the airport for being who I was Police all on my dick because they recognize a thug N**** we trying to get money, we don't respect the police Until us thugs unite it ain't gon' never be no peace N****z be going to school with nothing but murder on they minds Giving a f*** about teachers busting shot guns and nines Picture the scenes and screams and everybody running Get on your knees and pray n**** cause the son of the lord is coming [Asu] You know what came in time that's my frame of mind Now I'm able to separate the deaf from the weak, dumb and the blind N****z can't get none of mine, not even some of mine Just cause you got on a watch n**** don't mean you know the time You stagnating, you fags hating my motion From ocean to ocean my magic potion is devotion The nerve to hate what I deserve to do wasn't a curse it was a signal That's why that a** crashed for got to put on your blinker R-W-I: rolling while infatuated I graduated, now I want my master Y'all done agitated disaster And at every ends I start I slip in the art with my heart and soul And start to roll but dumb to come Don't become the one I fold like the lawn chair You shouldn't have gone there What's the deal with the long stares? What's the purpose? Jokers on earth surface to surface And any problem is handled the same day as service (what what what what) [Chorus] [Bam] We run the blocks stop the clocks turning rocks and dice Set trip it's our spot gave y'all shots and let the drama pop Don't escalate the 4-5-9 just try me dead or alive Point of survival let's get points with real n****z lives But you only see raw meat on streets; these n****z love their heat Nowadays all busters want to thug like me you see it be Wasn't way so simple execution style pull the gristle From the chair heard 'em whistle for my n**** mental It's money, murder, riding dumping heads back to all of y'all Since every n****'s all hard and proving they got the bigger balls Scared of the laws told what he saw and what it looked like Broke him off in the midnight I spared his life I said this s*** is tight [Chorus] © 2017