Too $hortShort Rap

Short rap (echo) Repeat x2 Short rap, is everything It's what I think, it's what I sing Cause I'm a rapper, who lets you know When it comes to music, I will grow Rap more raps than any mc Your rap ain't rap cause your rap ain't me Short rap, is what you find The mastermind, short rap that rhyme Too short baby, that's the name When I rap my rap I rap that game I tell it to you like you always knew Short rap's not fake, it's always true It's me, it's you, short rap is life It's everyday and every night And I don't just say it's this and that It's everything, it's what short rap's Short rap (echo) Itz what? Short rap(echo) Fresh Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) S-h-o-r-t-r-a-p Short rap is what I call this beat Rap that rap like no one else I'm sir too short all by myself I make fresh raps without your help And all I want is fame and wealth Smooth in the game, just like that And all you hear me say is rap Short (echo) Short rap, is way to hard Every I stop, it's time to start Cause what you find, when I say rhymes Is a non-stop rap, right on time I'm the kind of person you always thought Couldn't make a record that would be bought Sir too short, it couldn't be Short rap, what's that, short rap is me Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) So so fresh I like tenders, young and hot You never hear short say baby why not? I'm sir too short, I'm so down Mc rapper from the oakland town You better get up, short raps a song It really ain't short, it's much too long Cause I don't stop, once I start Short rap, what's that, short rap is art Took my rap to the neighborhood From day one too short was good True mc's make sucka mc's In my time they rap like me A brotha said short, he's good as you Saw me on stage and learned the truth I was born, to hit the tops Short rap, I don't stop Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) Short rap has now affected you Short rap won't stop until I get through Short rap could knock, Sucka mc's stop biting on you and start biting on me And I won't get mad, cause I'm so bad The rap you have is the rap I had Now if you want, my new short rap You can put it in your shorts and bite on that Sucka mc, you know I'm fresh A rap in my trash can top your best Check it out boy, here and now How will you rap when you don't know how I wish I could hear you answer that It just won't work and that's short rap Try to make you understand Don't make more raps, just be a fan Short rap(echo) Short rap, is it sad or funny I thought you knew short rap is money Sucka mc, you don't need help All you need to do is something else Cause mc rapper's are all around And sucka mc's are like bloodhounds Sniffing away, to find a rhyme Just quit rapping and you won't rap mine Short rap, I'm so hard She got her butter on my candy bar No time to play, just work and work I gotta kick back, call me bizurke Cause that's just all she made me go Toss it up short, I know you know Short rap, is everything Her worst nightmare, her wettest dream Her mind, her body, short rap is life She's just a friend, she's not my wife I wouldn't even let her in my car And the babe said I'm her lucky star I'm a fresh young bachelor, I roll caddy 86 her cause she said daddy But that's not it, it wasn't that Short rap is life so let me rap I gotta stop sooner, but I'll stop later I'm her man, I'm not a player And I know just what she's thinking of Sir too short, and all her love But then she asked for my love back And all I had was too short raps I can't lie, I tried to try Your fun not one, but don't asked why Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) Is everything Short rap(echo) Short rap(echo) I don't stop, baby Short rap, is everything It's what I think, it's what I sing Short rap, in stereo Short is what you think you know Your rap is fresh, but look at me I rap more rhymes than any mc Living so close up on the hill Short rap won't stop, it never will(echo) © 2018