Bryan WhiteSittin On Go

I'm waiting on the green light to make you mine But your heart's just taking it's own sweet time You want to be sure if you'll sink or swim Well, grab a hold of me and just jump on in You're playin it safe But baby I'll wait Chorus: Ooh, whenever you're ready I could be yours in a second or so Ooh, baby come and get me My heart's sittin' on go Ooh, it's off to the races All you've gotta do is let me know Ooh, I'm ready and waiting My heart's sittin' on go You oughta give in instead of resisting Cause I'm not above a little arm twisting I'm betting it's only a matter of time Before you and me are standing at the finish line You're having your doubts But you'll come around (repeat chorus) You're playin it safe But, baby I'll wait (repeat chorus) My hearts sittin on go My hearts sittin on go © 2018