In these hard times I pray

This is the last time I come back to this here earth place
Peace and purpose you got to draw from within
Connects me to other worlds where I begin

Pulling me adorn a familiar light
Reminds me that love is not far from sight
Where are you in all this chaos and human pain
Relieve me from what feels so insane

Love well I'm dreaming your way
When my time is up I'll be coming home with you to stay
Love here on earth and on the other side
It's where your family awaits for our loved ones to arrive

You gone... Sun would never meet the dawn
Like a shadow in the endless night
Find me don't you leave this earth without thee
Like a ghost chasing you through time

Roaming searching yearning longing for loving you
Don't care what galaxy this time I'm coming through
I know your spirit and in every way that you move
Cause you're my soulmate and I'm calling home to you

Your eyes I do recognize
It's a familiar joy
Your eyes from another life and time
Yes, it's a familiar joy
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