And take your time getting ready
It's a one way road to home
I can't find any of my old friends
So tell me, where did they all go
And we can live with my parents
It's not much but it's a start
If this bump in the road was a t.v. series
Then I would be the star
I would be the brightest
kid without a clue
Making up the rules as I go along
'cause they make it seem so easy on t.v.
Believe me, don't try this at home
Now back to my reality show
shots fired, we blew a tire out
Just as it started to rain
Yeah, the backseat's a dream
When you're just 18
But the dreams take a backseat so fast
I still look back and wonder
I'm sorry life isn't perfect
But I promise we won't starve
In a small dark apartment
With big bright hearts
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Don't Try This At Home Lyrics

Punchline – Don't Try This At Home Lyrics