Freak x13
My Red Nose The Cause Of All Laughter
Around Here I Am Just A Goddamn Chauffeur
Fucking Santa Laughing And Not Do a Thing
Choke On Blood When You Sing
My Name Is Rudolph
I Am The Saddest Reindeer Alive
But I'm Gonna Take Control
I'm Taking Over The North Pole
I Might Be Smaller But I'm The Meanest Reindeer Alive
Until I Exact Revenge
I Never Saving Christmas Again
(Red Snow)
My Red Nose Will Light Up The Red Snow
Smell The are there's A Trace Of Blood In My Throat
There's Another Victim Waiting For Me
Lying In The Debris
The Misfits From The Island Are Trained To Kill On Command
The Smell OF Blood Excites Them
Recall How They Were Condemned
These Toys All Shapes And Sizes, Devised Clever Disguises
They'll Infiltrate At Midnight
Prepare Yourself For A Fucking Fight!!!
Dasher Dancer Prancer and Vixen
Comet, Cupid, Donner, And, Blitzen
Feel My Knife On Your Throat And I'll Grin
Put A Happy Face Under Your Chin
Rudolph's Gonna Make You Suffer
Red Snow x5
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Red Snow Lyrics

Psychostick – Red Snow Lyrics