Racing rain-drenched roads of dimness, the incessant
Invades your privacy, heading nowhere special
An indecisive gaze at nothing as your mind's drawn blank
And outside features start to fade
Sad to see you end this way, chasing your self-hatred
Streetlights flashing by in thousands, the city traffic's
Round the bend
Seems your number has come up, it's closing stages now
Look, here comes the end

As the pulses intensity, a shimmer on the pallor of your
You see the crash and press down hard, somehow to ease
The impact
You know you should have hit the brakes, what a fucking
The way the world just smashed right into your face
So many things you should have done, the spans you could
Have run
I'm sad to see you end this way
Sad to see you end this way, facing your self-hatred
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Provenance – Crash Course Lyrics

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