Yum... Yum...
Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Lick the pustulated chunks from your chin
Swallowing globs of herpes
Nothing tastes better than a menstrual slurpee
Suctioning her tampon through a straw
Lick until you vomit up a bloody fuckin' cotton ball
Violently her whole body slings
Because you and five friends just earned your red wings
Ooooooooorrrrrrrrr - aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggg
Vomiting deep inside her c***
While your tongue is on the hunt
Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm
Blowing bloody bubbles through your nose
Dick starts to quiver as it grows and blows
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Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm Lyrics

Prophecy – Gurgling Menstrual Phlegm Lyrics