Watch the evil world they create
And how they celebrate their great state
Thx 1138, if you're real you can relate
To how they watch every move we make
And how they decimate the human race
Well if this ain't the last days
Then it sure is pretty late
I see hate (no face) in the eyes on the walls
And it's hard to show love back they freeze ice on your balls
It's a cold world despite the green house effect
They fight the fact that my team got respect
To them my team's a suspect and I admit you can't trust us
But ain't no justice it's just us the small time hustlas
Being thoroughly inspected
Every day and every night we're being casted and directed
In the world's greatest soap opera Truman show for true man, yo
I'm not stupid I won't stoop down low
Although I creep on a diggi low cus bigger bro
want to broadcast my ass live on a video
But I escape the big screen and the piggsvin
Team up with the dope friends to put up a smoke screen
To blind your cameras eye sight too much unwanted limelight
It's not like I get a spot light cus I rhyme tight
But cus of their so called crime fight that's why I use my mic
To let the vandals and the thiefs of the world know the time's right
If you hate the system unite tonight
Tomorrow when we wake up it'll be allright
Every action has it's reaction what you expected?
This actor without a pay check will react with hatred
I stay dread burn and loot what they hold sacred
Incarcerated scarred faces but we can make it
On the low in between the lines like me and Timbuk
We've been fucked too long to just lay down and give up
So big up all the disobedient crews
The deviant crews who don't believe in the news
Who be seeing straight thrue the lies with their eyes on the prize
Freedom, don't give a fuck about ice
The spies lurk on every street corner
Record every move you make like big brothers of Warner
They shoot a reel then they shoot you for real
To hold you still they give you alcohol and pills
If you feel like graffiti is more than just a fashion
It's lights, camera, legal action!
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Thx 1138 Lyrics

Promoe – Thx 1138 Lyrics

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