[Hook 1]
What you all about
(?) call out
Knock'em all out
Real niggaz pull your mouth out
Punch your grill in
How you feelin this is our house
Dumb nigga, what you thinkin 'bout
[Hook 2]

Niggaz don't wanna get me pissed
Have you waving at your people without no wrist
Only Nigga you know won't drink chrizz
For dumb niggaz I got 2 sticks and fists
It ain't a crew out there that could fuck with this
I'm Devilsish, like demon
Quick to bust guns and a semem
Aint childish rapper with all that blingin
My style ain't gonna switch from rap to singin
But I might rap a strangle
Any rap nigga I'm angle get buried
Give a fuck if he got kids and married
Shit trien to make my day, like my name was Dirty Harry
If the industry was a movie, I'll make the game scary
First nigga to put the world in the bitchuary
I'm the type to beat you in the face with sticks like drums and it'll
sound like (Uh Uh Uh!)

(Hook 1)

[Jus Bounce]
First off, my flows is crucial
And the brain sergeon sayed I had the nerves to shoot you
Catch you in the street and front you out
(????????) stomp you out
I'm crazy in the mouth like pac and juice
Catch you at the liquor store, cock and let loose
Make your face resemble a fruit loop
Have you (???????)
Trien' to tempt me is risky, mighty gutsy

Ask Dstout about Puffy
So when I tell you this shit trust me
Its not in your best intrest
To be on my shitlist
Its really senceless
They get beat senceless
Change your name and relocate the menthous
The only way they know wh
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Take No Shorts Lyrics

Promatic – Take No Shorts Lyrics