Deep deep down. The silence covers your ears
No light will ever reach it's depths. It watches
High above. Cold winds pass the black dunes
A feather jerks in the storm. Till it looses the fight
Whirls around. And drowns in black masses
Life stops in slowmotion. A suffering still-life
Caught in this potion. Yet it struggles
Raped by men. Still it watches
Squirming and gleaming bubbles bursting. Breathing out their stench
Every noise is suffocated. Slowly very slowly
Creamy molasses sinking. Deepening the silence
Stopping life in slowmotion. Movement ceases. Never to come back
Still it watches. Powerless to clench onto life
Its breathing ceases completely. And the feather slowly drifting by
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Carrion Lyrics

Project Pitchfork – Carrion Lyrics