Relent to your useless devices
Retreat, your last line of defense
Regress to the hollow relationships
That shield you from yourself

Relent to your fortress of skin
Retreat, anything to distract
Regress to your hands
As they cover your eyes
But you can't help
But peek through the cracks

Cold, hard dread swelling into parallels
To everything you ever
Said you'd repel
Once with a glimpse now
Second your guess it's
Tough to admit and
Admit and admit that

Your fate's still undecided

Relent, to the terror
That distances you
Retreat, to the habitual grins
Regress to the deception,
Quiet and tame
Once was transformed,
Now exactly the same
Remember when you nearly
Plunged into embrace?
But instead you've chosen
To keep it all at bay

Return to yourself
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Subject To Change Lyrics

Project 86 – Subject To Change Lyrics