Need on my left, greed on my tight
Secrets are kept plain as black and white
And its a killing machine
The best that there's ever been
Now feed, and give the nose a line
It ain't easy. Hard Defined
1986, L.A.'s Compton cocaine central
Crackhead politics, I feel

The international cause
It was plain and simply self inflicting
Genocidal wounds that never heal
So get real

United we stand, divided we'll fall
You've poisoned our sons
And drowned us in alcohol
Now I'm gonna get you back
Prepare for a brutal attack
I swear I'm gonna take a chance
Set up shop, take a stance

Into the pressure zone
Gotta crack the pipeline into Texas
And make sure another state won't deal
We'll seize the last of it

Then we'll crush the system as we know it
Breaking through all governmental seal
To get real
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Get Real Lyrics

Pro-pain – Get Real Lyrics