Are you ready?

Picked up my paper today
Give you one guess what they say
Now we got to learn how to play

Another cross in need of a road
Another loop in need of a hole
Another body in need of a soul

Ain't that a bitch?

Tell me what to do and I'll do it
I don't care just as long as we get to it
Up and down, around and all through it
Baby, baby, baby, let's do it

Everything you got is so hot (Interactive)
Bend me over what choice I got (Interactive)
Neck and neck with you I am not

Ahh, hey there baby, hook me up into your box
No no, I don't need the keys to the lock
Call me outta of luck laughin' stock

Oh, ain't that a bitch?

(As long as we get to it, to it, to it)

Yeah, yeah

I work twice as hard (Interactive, interactive)
To follow you no matter how far
To you I'm probably worth no more than the strings on this guitar
Ain't that a bitch?

Oh, oh
One more, one more
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Interactive Lyrics