Serve it up, Frankie

This is girl, did you know
Precisely what I let Robert
I intend to
Do, honey. cut my hair this
Look it, morning?
Oh, girl,
Where'd you get
Those shoes? He looked so bad!
These are I'm so tired.
Fuck-me pumps. He's great!
Who, Robert? Is this full enough?
I know that's
Right, honey Frankie, I just Maurice, man go on up there
Want an apology and say somethin'
Maurice, what or you can kiss
Can I serve you? my supernatural ass Frankie, play
Squirrel Meat! something, bitch
Don't try it!

Cat, what's happenin' babe? Bitch, will you play something?
Get outta my face!
Honey, it's not that type of party (talk to me, talk to me)
Whatchoo mean? answer to life
Honey, you see these pumps? Answer honey, [you ain't gonna quit]
I want to, I want to, I want you Bitch!
To meet some friends of mine Who you callin' bitch? Ho bitch!
Who? Who you callin' "Ho bitch,"?
No no, you'll like them, Black ho bitch! (Why don't you play)
(something shit)
They're, they're musicians

To Nigs United for West Compton!
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2 Nigs United 4 West Compton Lyrics

Prince – 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton Lyrics

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