When you were young, was there a time called one day?
You would know all there was to know.
If you survive all of those girls around you.
You'd carry their books, they carried your mind.
Makebelieve that nothing is wrong.
Makebelieve you're going somewhere.
Live your dream.
So take it slow, and if you lose your way,
Remember the moment you began.
Fall back on your word. heaven forbid your entry.
A minor guilt complex dissolves.
Makebelieve that nothing is wrong.
Makebelieve you've got something to say.
Love your dream.
Never stop.
And nothing can matter to this man.
Wish away all that low. heaven is calling out.
The easiest access to the crowd.
I came for the house and the children.
I let it all slip throught my hands.
I feel like a weight has been lifted.
Nothig can matter to this man.
I came for the car and the vacuum.
Spinning the wheels into the void.
I see now my ship it has come in.
But it was a joke; there's nothing aboard.
I came for the love and the action.
There I go slipping off of the sword.
I feel like a chain reaction.
Is it me, or is it the world?
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Make Believe Lyrics

Prick – Make Believe Lyrics

Songwriters: GERARD MC MAHON
Make Believe lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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