Cover me
Protect me from myself
From my private hell
From depravation
The mirror speaks
But the reflections lie
I see a different I
My condemnation
Oh here it comes again
I'm not what you think I am
I'm mentally subsidin'
I'm loosing it I'm sidin'
I'm not what you think I am
My common sense is broken
Slowly decomposing
Save me from
The suicial threat
The gun against my head
The voices calling me
What am I gonna do to stop myself
From sinking
How am I gonna chase away the
Thougts I'm thinking
How am I gonna stop my
Deathwatch ticking
Someone kill the pain
Take it away
The fragments of my sanity
Is all that is left of me
I'm falling of the track
Over and over again

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Not What You Think Lyrics

Pretty Maids – Not What You Think Lyrics