Send a probe through a massive storm
A million molecules make it warm and a star is born, hmm
And the star had some sons and daughters
Some with some without water
Some cool and some run hotter

We blast an astronaut through the gasses
And do our best to save their little asses
Come home; don't rocket past us, no
Hello from inside a cloud
The particle smasher is maxing out
And it's smelly and loud

Jupiter, Jupiter: massive passive ball
Jupiter, Jupiter: or-or-orbital
Jupiter, Jupiter: mass of gas and dammit
Jupiter, Jupiter: is pure, pure, pure, pure planet
It's pure planet
It's pure planet
It's pure planet

Flying by in a perfect location
Billions of Earths worth of exploration
Or just a space gas station, I don't know
From deep below the surface
The tiny lifeforms are getting nervous

Hope it doesn't hurt us walking on the slimy surface
We lost contact with home base
On the dark side of this place
Please, send more human race
To fill the empty space

It's pure planet, yeah
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Jupiter Lyrics

Presidents Of The United States Of America – Jupiter Lyrics

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