Froggie jumped all over the stage that day

Rolling Stone magazine... sucked him dry and made him king
Froggie let rip with a big burp

Mick Jagger kissin' froggie's lips... studying films of froggie's hips
His eyes are closed cause he's off in a world of ecstasy
Where froggie folks get the froggie scene


The rocker doctor came downtown to write prescriptions by the pound
And froggie spread it all around

Got 50,000 in his flock
He plays arena animal rock
He can barely stand up straight but somehow he does
Make his way directly to the front of the stage and


The show is over... the band is gone... the crowd is gone...
His girlfriend's gone... his make-up's all been sweated off...
He's all alone...
He goes to fill that one last prescription...
The one with the deadly description...
He swallows it down...
His brain explodes... his eyes implode... his tiny heart goes peuny pop...
His shiny legs refuse to hop... he floats on down...
To a burning place... he looks around... for a friendly face...
The band is there patiently waitin' for a froggie's brand new sonic creation
He starts to ribbit... he starts to kick it

Rolling Sone magazine made him cry and missed the king
Froggie let rip with a big burp

Froggie jumped all over the stage that day
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Froggie' Lyrics

Presidents Of The United States Of America – Froggie' Lyrics

Songwriters: Dederer, David Michael / Ballew, Christopher Weldon
Froggie' lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, INSIDE PASSAGE MUSIC

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