Say what you'll do
Do what you say
Nobody can touch you now
It's a feeling all your own

Stop where you are
I see that look in your eyes
You need to be indoctrinated
With everything that you despise

They're never knowing
As far as it's going everything's ok
They treat you fine as long as you stay in line
But the noose closes in

See how they run
Is that you in the crowd
With the boot on your neck
Face pressed to the ground

Take a seat over there
Someone will be with you soon
To help erase every memory
That you ever held sacred and true

Something is missing
You find yourself wishing
For the means to an end
You know it's not right
So you take to the right
To release what's held within

Funny how these things
All seem like nightmares
I think that we'll be laughing
About them soon
The doors of Humankind
Are slamming on your fingers
Climb the golden ladder
Past the moon (way past)

For me to endure
Your expectations
I tell you that they're twisted
And all wrong

Heading for the storm
Wash it all away
Get it straight you know
It won't be long

All your petty grievances
Selfish greedy ways
Gonna' climb the golden ladder
And be gone
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B.E.A.U.T.Y. Lyrics

Premonition 13 – B.E.A.U.T.Y. Lyrics

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