Get out of my head daddy
Just leave me alone
Get out of my head daddy
Get out

Tell me where to go
Tell me where to stay
Tell me where you want me
The next next day
I will be there
Early A. M.
Up in the booth
Trying to please you again
They say you're not good
I know you're not bad
Just everything
I never ever he'd
Discipline and love
In the same man
But now here I stand

He beats me
He puts the bass with the treble and
Yeah yeah yeah
He beats me
I need to let him go but I love the pain

Hard banging in my head
Flowing through my veins
I know I'm no more sane
I'm insane
I love you more now than ever
I can not get away to get better
This is not right
It can't be wrong
For me to hang on this long
To someone that
Mistreats me
And keeps me


I feel it in the sting
I feel it in the burn
I feel it in my neck and my back
When I turn
The clap and boom
Creeps in the room
Takes over everything
It consumes
It got me now
Now he got you
Imma tell you next
What he's gonna do
Wait a minute he says
He needs to teach me
Preach to me

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He Beats Me Lyrics

Prema LaNay – He Beats Me Lyrics

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