Done a lot of things that I'm not so proud of
Took a lot of turns that turned out wrong
That's a worn out song
Day by day moment by moment taken my chances
Trustin my heart
Wasn't to smart

Lonely and lost as iu could be
No way it's up to me


I will survive I will endure
When the goins rough
You can be sure
I'll tough it out
I won't give in
If I'm knocked down I get up again
As long as my dreams alive
I will survive

Lettin go of my bad habits
Hangin on hope
For better times
I'll be fine
Learning to sleep in the bed the I made
Lay in the blank
Where it belongs
I've gotta be strong

Tear drops no one see's in me
I won't stop cuz I always believe


(I will survive yeah I will survive
I will survive)
As long as my dreams alive
I will survive


I will survive fades to ending
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I Will Survive Lyrics

Praga Khan – I Will Survive Lyrics