Looking for a lonely road
Introduce myself to myself
Spinning the wheels like an old conversation
It was with me and no one else
The past is just a fading ghost
The future is so very hard to tell
Taking my time to straighten out the tangles
It was a better day than most

You were born, I was alive
It's a window you can only look inside
You were gone, I had arrived
The storm is coming we were driving in the eye

And I waited
And I waited
Yes I waited

And I waited
It was shifting as we're crossing the divide

Depression on the radio
A sentimental dispatch from the hills
Feeling the music and my mind was dancing
I couldn't help but sitting still
Going far, coming home
Heading for the margins of the grid
Woke up this morning with a smile on my face
It was the best thing that I ever did

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D.C. Trails Lyrics

Polvo – D.C. Trails Lyrics