Leaving the safe and familiar;
with their hearts set on a heavenly prize.
There were some who laid down their nets,
and some who laid down their lives.
Not sure where they were going,
but they did not have to know.
Cause they knew who had called them,
and they said, "We will go."

Down any road, at any cost.
Wherever you lead, we will follow.
Because we know that you've called us
to take up our cross;
down any road, at any cost.

It may be fear that we're feeling
when we see what we must sacrifice.
But you promised you'll go with us.
So we'll trust with our lives.

Repeat Chorus

It's your love that compels us
to do what you've called us to do.
And be completely abandoned to you.

Repeat Chorus
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Any Road, Any Cost Lyrics