My fishtank
My fishtank is so beautiful
I have a beta
But he is not in the fishtank
Because he kills the other fish
Like the Zebra fish
Do you understand me?
Are you listening?
Okay then.

Hey, no...
Get away from my fishtank
Dont put...
No, Dont smear my fishtank
I just..
I just cleaned that!

Like a marlin swimming in the ocean
Like a... whaaale
Like a fisherman's boat traping all the fishies
To put in my fishtank

Not a greedy mother fucker am I
I'm a nice young man
I swear to God I go to church
Every single day
On Sunday
Now come look at my fishtank
Get closer and notice the nice foliage
In the fishtank.

In the fishtank
In the fishtank
In the fishtank
In the fishtank

In the fishtank
Where the fishies swim
'Round and 'round in circles
'Till they get there
Then they die eventually
They die
Life affermation
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In The Fishtank Lyrics

Plecostomus – In The Fishtank Lyrics