gon kill em in the club with this one Tear
the club the f k**up (4X) Let

them boys ride(6X) Everybody

get up Let

them boys ride(6X) Everybody

get up Pitbull


p-i-t and I want everybody in the club to get crunk wit me Go
ahead throw em up represent yo click city Mami
got a fat a and** tittys You
already know pitbull gon hit it Money
still a major issue/yall gon get it Yall
already know how I done who, I done it wit I
love these fools that think they run s t**Thinkin
that they money long Nest
week they money gone If
the deal was right then whys yo money wrong f
k**V I. P. I.!!
want the whole club to say f k**V I. P. Catch.
me at the bar wit a broad and a round of shots Buddy
act hard and he's scard cuz will hit him wit a round of shots Not
only do these boys rap but they lookin for a mother fuckin town to lock como
/half!?!?of these boys when it jump off they be actin like some homos Its!!
quite simple let me tell you what we gon do in the club tonight We
gon tear it up Tear
it up(5X) Come
on lets ride Chorus


Ricky Can't:

understand there part
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Everybody Get Up Lyrics

Pitbull – Everybody Get Up Lyrics