So don't mind going on
Feels like I'm doing laps around everyone
Healing factor turning on
Take your pills lets get it off another day

When its time to go outside
Please leave your shades at home
You look like such a dick sometimes
Yeah, look who's talking, I know

We all want to go out and play
Know that it's not know that it is nothing
We all want to go out and play
It's not that bizarre
And know that its nothing

Daylight embracing darkness always feels like they're racing death to the porch
Crust of the earth is flaking off changing the time zones confusing the true north

Here is a the note that I wont avoid
Hear when I say this now
When static is all that's left on the phone
Feel free to change the channel

Starlight is blazing and its the only source of illumination of course
Weight of the humans taken off shedding the ozone Finding a new home

This is the Number please look it over Everything else is just a distracter

Shrugging extinction off.
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True North Lyrics

Pinback – True North Lyrics