Verse 1:
Heard it on the radio
I saw it in the video
Flashing amber
Traffic lights
Collisions in the night
Same sex fantasies
Manifests in reality
I can taste her on your mouth
You can taste me bitter sweet

I'm in love with the games we play
I'm in love everyday
I'm in love with the things we do
I'm in love with sweet abuse

Slide of hand
And a twist of fate
Happy pills
Cheap Cocaine

Am I wrong
Am I right
My escape's
In you tonight

Verse 2
Bodies melt
Like painted pictures
Sweet smells
That fill the room with
Stories that can't be told
Positions new and unknown
The biggest talent that you have
Is that thing that you do
That thing that blows my mind
That thing, That thing, That thing





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Happy Pills Lyrics

Pin That Puppy – Happy Pills Lyrics