See the skull the part of bone removed
The masterace Frankenstein radio controls
The brain thoughts broadcasting radio
The eyesight television
The Frankenstein earphone radio
The threshold brainwash radio
The latest new skull reforming to contain all Frankenstein controls
Even in thin skulls of white pedigree men
Visible Frankenstein controls
The synthetic nerve radio productional antennae
*?* for yourself there is no escape
From this worst death being published(?)
I can not hear you
We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you
We will...rock you
Let tucker do the job
We will rock you
Yes we will
We will rock you
Just for a while
Don't know why we run around, angry
The worst of the *?* why are we so insane
What's the reason why we don't care anymore
I think this causes one big fucking war
So a war and I kill my love and dear oh...want more(?)
No problem baby
If I asked you what we see you what we see what we see
And you want you want be
[start of song]
Take a look outside because I'm walking on glass
Thin ice in the future or a voice from the past
Forsaken dreams decaying in the four-way zone
Better look outside because I'm coming alone
Better look outside because I'm coming alone
[she goes here, and she goes there, she goes where she may want to go
Wherever she may disappear he could see what he could see but do ya
Really really want to be me? do ya really really want to be me? ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!]
A many nights before I sang an innocent song [whoo!]
Rejoicing in my ignorance I could do no wrong [i can do no wrong]
Took a look out side for the first time afraid
Outside the glass was shattered whe
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Do No Wrong Lyrics

Pigface – Do No Wrong Lyrics