I'll watch you run away
Through the peaceful fields
All the times you've slipped
Right through my hands

I'd cover you with anything
My arms only reach so far
There are so many pieces
Burn down that house again

Nothing to remember
Why do I dream out loud to you
Wish I could sleep forever
I know I don't belong

Where the water runs so free
Wish I remembered what was said
Your childish ways
Make me think too hard

I know how much time I've waste
I hope I don't make that same mistake again
I guess it's not a secret that I'm keeping
I guess it doesn't matter all that much to you

Look around and everyone
Is laughing and they're smiling
You've crowded up my head and now it's full.
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You Won't Be Seeing Me Again Lyrics

Piebald – You Won't Be Seeing Me Again Lyrics