Here we are, we are stranded
Lost in a long forgotten world
Lightyears we have travelled
Escaped from the wasteland Mother Earth

I remember the smoke and the fire from the sky
I remember the spaceship
And our last goodbye
Lost in an unknown dimension
Prisoners of another time
Strangers in a strange world
But I remember so well

Winter... summer, days and nights
Darkness... that's following the light
Creation... so beautiful divine
Out in the endless space we ride
I guess it's happened all before
We will survive forevermore

I remember what happened, does our planet still exist
Our saviours cannot answer
They are cold-hearted machines
They tried to save us from death
The effacement of our race
Avoid the people from vanishing
Lost without a trace

[Chorus x2]

What did we find
The circle is spinning around and around
And the future we lost somewhere in time

See a new star is born, a white light in the horizon
A creation so beautiful divine
Feel the rain of redemption for all dreams we left behind
A new dawn of existence we will find

A new dawn of existence we will find.
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Out In The Endless Space Lyrics

Phoenix Rizing – Out In The Endless Space Lyrics