Dear begetters, I'm understanding
Not as callous as you fantasize
If it's compassion, you are demanding
I've really given it, not before your eyes, please realize
Imagine me as a higher being
Imagine all the broken pieces I could mend
And eventhoung I'm dreaming now
Real is the love from me I'll send out to you...

I'd love to give them a stroke
Or tell them a joke
But this was too real
I screamed up to the sky:
"Exchange theirs for mine!"
But this was all too real!

Itried to help someone out
On a beautiful, shiney day
A task so simple
Yet making my life all grey
Cause that day I had become the worst of devils
And I whished that I was dead
I almost took two lives away
Of people... Of people I'll never forget!

I know... No one deserves this
I know... I'm the one to blame
I know... I never meant to harm anybody
I know... I'll be living in shame!
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Imagine This Lyrics

Phlebotomized – Imagine This Lyrics