I know we're broken
I can feel the pain
A million words unspoken
But your eyes say everything
You say it's over
You wanna be my friend
If I could reach inside your heart
I'd make you mine again
Doesn't really matter
What was wrong or right
Baby, just pretend
Until the morning light

Let me love you tonight
One more time
And maybe I could find a way to change your mind
Let me love you tonight
It's all right
I'll take what I can borrow
Baby, you can leave tomorrow
But let me love you tonight

Said it was easy
To be you with me
It's gonna hurt, believe me
But I gotta set you free
Just for a moment
Let's put away the blame
Close your eyes and remember
When I was your everything
And I know tonight we?re surely gonna end
So hold me in your arms
And make love to me till then


Give me a break
For old times sake
And maybe, baby, you might wanna stay


Let me love you tonight
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Let Me Love You Tonight Lyrics

Phil Vassar – Let Me Love You Tonight Lyrics