Have you seen the iron lady's charmsAm F DmLegs of steel, leather on her armsBb GmTaking on a man to dieAm DmA life for a life, an eye for an eyeBb Gm Dm CAnd death's the iron lady in the chairStop the murder, deter the crimes awayOnly killing shows that killing doesn't payYes that's the kind of law it takesEven though we make mistakesAnd sometimes send the wrong man to the chairIn the death row waiting for their turnNo time to change, not a chance to learnWaiting for someone to callSay it's over after allThey won't have to face the justice of the chair
Just before they serve him one last mealShave his head, they ask him how he feelsThen the warden comes to say goodbyeReporters come to watch him dieWatch him as he's strapped into the chairAnd the chaplain, he reads the final prayerBe brave my son, the Lord is waiting thereOh murder is so wrong you seeBoth the Bible and the courts agreeThat the state's allowed to murder in the chairIn the courtroom, watch the balance of the scalesIf the price is right, there's time for more appealsThe strings are pulled, the switch is stayedThe finest lawyers fees are paidAnd a rich man never died upon the chairHave you seen the iron lady's charmsLegs of steel, leather on her armsTaking on a man to dieA life for a life, an eye for an eyeThat's the iron lady in the chair
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The Iron Lady Lyrics

Phil Ochs – The Iron Lady Lyrics

Songwriters: PHIL OCHS
The Iron Lady lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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