School day pimpin

Yo blaze [what] u got to see these new gurlz son they mad sexy son they walking right down da hallway son I hope they come in are class room

(Verse 1)
Yo they got da booty of hoopz lil mama and her sister can da hgurlz yeaah my teacher is like phenom and blaze what is u doing yeah yeah yeaaah he say welcom to ur class these are new student yeaah yeaah yeaaaah we can whit into next period so me and blaze shit ur pimp game... we gotta talk to da new gurls

They can dip dip and then scoop it yeah yeah yea... all da other gurls say they realy look stuped it no no no... yo blaze they hateing so harde baby gurls please don't cry yeah

(Verse 2)
The new gurl so fly they dip it so low and scoop it all da way to da sky get me so high of the way she move hips so walk in the club and baby gurl look at me so I was like gurl I know y u looking at me cause u never seen a pimp me from da roc phenom and u know that's me

Phenom blaze fist day of school

testing testing testing
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School Day Pimpin Lyrics

Phenom – School Day Pimpin Lyrics