Get wicked - get wicked - get wicked

I get wicked - in this bitch tonight
I don't roam in the day - cuz I melt in the light
I been dead (hey) - but I don't give a fuck
Phears in the house - and we 'bout to buck
If ya cringe - when I step in the place
I'ma take my gun and shoot ya - in the muthafuckin' face
It ain't whack - cuz ya know it's all tight
When the reaper runs on ya - don't try and fight
Cuz ya got no chance - when I do my dance
I take ya last breath - give the kiss of death
I stick ya right there - in the eletric chair
Pop out ya eyes - and fry out ya hair
Or I hang ya by a rope - 'till ya little neck breaks
It's trenchmouth bitch - and I ain't no fake
I'll kill your ass - for a little cash
I'll take ya life - then fuck ya wife
I show no mercy - drink blood thirsty
Find ya in an alley - and I take ya little pursey
An assassin - that's how I pay my bills
I enjoy my job - cuz I love to kill

Get wicked - get wicked - get wicked - get wicked
Look at the way I kick it - I'm wicked
Ya wanna see me get wicked
Look at the way I kick it - I'm wicked
Ya wanna see me get wicked

I get wicked - like insane clown posse
Ya want a roll model - don't let it be me
I see ya mom just had - a heart attack
Cuz when I stepped in the room - I was sportin' an axe
I spit my rhymes - and it ain't nothin' nice
The blood covers you - like white on rice
Phears leavin' bloodstains - everywhere we go
Cuz I got no love - for you or ya hoe
Lil' monos dumpin' on everybodys shit
And if ya don't like it - you can suck my dick
Cuz I'm from down below - and I ain't no bitch
Never knew I was there - 'till ya got a busted lip
I'm the devil's son - and I'm straight from hell
Don't fuck wit' me - or I'll cast a spell
Get inside ya veins - and stab ya in the heart
Then do some wicked shit - that'll tear ya ass apart
I'm in the house - and I don't play
I'm rockin' on the mic. - and I'm here to stay hey

Get wicked - get wicked - get wicked - get wicked
Look at the way I kick it - I'm wicked
Ya wanna see me get wicked
Look at the way I kick it - I'm wicked
Ya wanna see me get wicked

Ya wanna see me get wicked - I'll pull out my sickle
Grab ya grandmother - and make her bump my pickle
I pick pockets - just for loose change
A wicked muthafucka - insane in the brain
I smoke crack - I smoke it by the stacks
And I drink four cases - fuck a six pack

I'm paul - a muthafuckin' O. G.
Stalkin' every bitch - from here to 3rd street
I saw this bitch - ridein' a bike
She would'nt gimmie the time - so I called her a dike
So I followed her home - she's all alone
I crept in the house - and I gave her the bone

I'm a wicked muthafucka - that ya love to hate
When I step into ya city - ya move out the state
Like jason when he's chasein' - or freddy when he's ready
I'll slice ya ass up - cuz bitch I'm deadly

I drink sewer warter - just for fun
Cuz I don't give a shit - I'm an alley bum
I don't have a home - just a bed of stone
So I better not catch - ya fuckin' ass alone hey

Get wicked - get wicked

I don't give a fuck about - all of y'all
I got a million bucks - and I steal from the mall
A bitch today - said I looked like death
So I cut off her head - and shit down her neck
Just like the wind - I gets real breezy
I fucked your momma - cuz that bitch is easy

Black magic - and voodoo chants
Put a spell on ya daughter - now I'm in them pants
And she's all streched out - just like her mother
So I punched her in the mouth - threw her out and got another
I met this bitch - and the hoe would'nt screw me
So I power bombed her ass - like lama-nama-newmi
We wicked - and psycho sick
And this song is fuckin' over - so I'm out this bitch

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Get Wiqid Lyrics

Phear – Get Wiqid Lyrics