You went away
With something to prove
Set you're path
Sailed away
Far away
And there you entertained danger
Suffered at the hand of a stranger
Andnow you can't see a way home
This is not what I designed for you
But I'll wait for you
Yes I'll wait for you
Now looking back
All the times
You would talk to me
And I look
Out for you
Every day
But you are too ashamed
To lift your head up
Look me in the eyes and
Tell me that you still want me
I will love you whatever you have done
I've got a ring my daddy gave me
I'll put it on you finger
And a coat to keep you warm
I've got a pair ofcomfy shoes
You can put them on yor feet
And I'll prepare for us a feast
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I'll Wait For You Lyrics

Phatfish – I'll Wait For You Lyrics