Take me, take me, to a world of magic
Show me where my dreams come true
Take me, take me, to a world of magic
A place to live for me and you
Take me, take me, to a world of magic
Tell me where you want to be
Take me, take me, to a world of magic
The one and only place to be

There's a place I know I'll take you
So that you feel the wind of gold
The light silver breeze, a deep the blue trees
The peaceful world that no one else knows
A land of love, city of sound, music coming round
The mountain fountain full of treasure like fiction
If you see you won't be down
The minute that you touch the ground
The rhythm and the sound of the joy and love is bound
To make you want to stay, live a new way
Or just change your life around
And if you're down, cool
We'll go together me and you
Only the chosen ones will fly
In the land of love take me too

If you see, you believe,
Stay true travel amazed, find a way
Go through to a wonderful land where no living man has gone
But in the end it's the whole
Peace and love that will shine on from above
Come to a land where unity exists,
A magical world, you can't miss
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World Of Magic Lyrics

Pharao – World Of Magic Lyrics

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