Never imagined that you'd be here again
Yet another season of doubt has set in
The warm September rains have gone, gone away

The trust that you held in you heart isn't there
Now you're fighting you fears but they never fight fair
Gone are all the endless summer days

I believe that they're still there
Though the storms will surely come
So let me ask you can you look to sky
And strain to see the sun again

You harbor the hurt and you shelter the pain
Too proud to ever confess fallen again
But don't you long for mercy's tender embrace

Remember the words you spoke from you heart
Its a pity those phrases have fallen apart
Gone is every promise that you made


Will you keep fooling yourself
How long will you run till you're gasping for air
You ran when then shadows grew long
You though the sun fell from the sky
But I tell you you're wrong

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See The Sun Again Lyrics

Pfr – See The Sun Again Lyrics

Songwriters: JOEL HANSON
See The Sun Again lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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