(Tony Hatch/Hubert Ballay/Petula Clark)

Don't leave me now without a happy ending
Don't tell me now that it must fade away
For you must surely be
The one who waited for me
To take my hand and guide me every day
Don't go, oh, please don't go

With you, it always seemed to me like spring time
With you, I felt the magic everywhere
No matter where I go,
I only needed to know
The comfort of your love was always there
Don't go, oh, please don't go

I need you now and on the way
Through every hour and every day
Oh, please don't leave, I want you here
I can't believe the end is near
Don't go, oh, please don't go

To think I never dreamed that this could happen
For once, I put my faith so much in you
I thought your love was strong
But like a fool, I was wrong
The sense of emptiness, I never knew
Don't go, oh, please don't go

Don't tell me now that everything is over
I love you and that's all I'll ever know
Don't tell me it's goodbye
Don't leave my heart here to die
Don't leave me now, I beg you, please don't go
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Please Don't Go Lyrics

Petula Clark – Please Don't Go Lyrics