(Tony Hatch/Petula Clark/Pierre Delanoie/Majenta)

There's everyone in Las Vegas
Having some fun in Las Vegas
Everything's bright
Stay out all night
Get in the fight in Las Vegas

Playing the cards in Las Vegas
Gambling hard in Las Vegas
People in debt
Losing their bet
On the Roulette in Las Vegas

Cabaret shows
Everyone goes
Just to be seen
You know what I mean
In Las Vegas

There's rock and roll in Las Vegas
Plenty of soul in Las Vegas
People dig bands
Clapping their hands
Down at the sands in Las Vegas

Sammy and Dean in Las Vegas
They're proud to be seen in Las Vegas
Even Noel Coward
Walks in the crowd
Singing out loud in Las Vegas

Everyone's there
Nobody cares
Well, you got a good plan
That's where it began
In Las Vegas

You can stay cool in Las Vegas
Down by the pool in Las Vegas
Shooting the dice
Bourbon on ice
All very nice in Las Vegas

New second wife in Las Vegas
Marry for life in Las Vegas
Then, leave her, of course,
Without remorse
Get a divorce in Las Vegas

The money you earn's
Ready to burn
Everyone knows
That's how it goes
In Las Vegas

Where's everyone in Las Vegas?
Having some fun in Las Vegas
Everything's bright
Stay out all night
You'll feel right in Las Vegas

Get all the minks in Las Vegas
Have a few drinks in Las Vegas
Take in a show
Spend all your dough
Watch it all go in Las Vegas

At night, you can play
Then sleep through the day
And 'round about ten,
You're living again
In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas (in Las Vegas)
In Las Vegas (in Las Vegas)
(repeat and fade out)
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Las Vegas Lyrics

Petula Clark – Las Vegas Lyrics

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