verse 1
when ur head is as big as ur pillow
when ur cash is a check card in place
when u put on panty hose instead of shaving ur legs
when u use grease that uve used over and over again
when u only go to church on easter and holidays
then u ghetto belive that

can u be a rich bitch and be ghetto(yes)
just cuz ur poor does that mean that u ghetto(no)
some people just dont understand what it means to b ghetto
and if u gotta ask then y u never no

verse 2
being ghetto is just a thing u do sometimes
like hanging ur clothes over the oven to dry
and ur late u gotta go and u aint ready yet
put em on anyway and rock em half way wet
u wear and return everything u buy
always lookin for a discount till the day u die
got three kids by three different guys
put salt on ur food before u even taste it
get a doggy bag ghetto nig*** aint wasting s*i*


no toilet paper somebody used that last u had
no problem just get a daily user or paper bag
crumple it up and make it soft for ur @$$
and when u flush the toilet always gets clogged up
u no u ghetto ur soap is the size of a chicklet
runnin to the kitchen wet for dishwasher liquid
u waters cold cold cuz they shut off ur power
u no u ghetto if u pee in the shower

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You Know You Ghetto Lyrics

Petey Pablo – You Know You Ghetto Lyrics