One fine nightThe heir did bringTwo little onesCalled to beI am, yours to mindSo let that beGive your lifeIt's given freeHuuvola, huuvola, huuvola, huuvolaWhen a timeThat will come to part usForget me notFor it is hereIn those missing timesWe send our deepest sense to climbOne fine nightWhen one heart enjoinsHuuvola, huuvola, huuvola, huuvolaHark, and be wellGo catch the light in every cellLet the fire take the fireAnd the rain wash the painMay your soul's waters never waneMake Eden hereSend angel's prayersMay your garden be sweetLet the fire take the fireLet the fire take the fireAnd the rain wash the painHuuvola
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Huuvola Lyrics

Peter Murphy – Huuvola Lyrics

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