It was nothing, it came from nowhere at all, it was a casual remark,
Not a curtain-call.
Late for breakfast - black coffee, brandy-laced...
That look on your face.
I'll remember last night; I'll look out for the signs;
You were caught in the light
Time after time
It's been my experience that when the row gets serious
A certain silence will fall...
But I just can't stop it, why don't you tell me what's wrong?
My heart goes like a rocket, the feeling's so strong.
I just can't stop it, why don't
You tell me what's wrong?
Don't think about it too long.
I could argue this another way, but on another day I might have to shout.
You keep your mouth shut, but it's too late for that now:
The word got out.
In translation it's lost, in desperation it's mimed;
Is this Paradise lost, or Paradise time after time?
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My Experience Lyrics

Peter Hammill – My Experience Lyrics