Hope by and by, hope by and by -
Motes in the eye, portcullis is shut,
A skull isn't much
Of a castle to live in
When the change is going to come,
The change has got to come.
Explosions in the brain attest to it
Evolution down the drain - let all the rest do it...
Oh yeah, the only result is cumulative drek
It won't be the drug
It won't be the s**
It's got to be the Faculty X
Looking for a method, I play a straight bat,
Throw away the chances to slip.
Yeah, you talk about the average -
I don't care about that
And my words are only giving me lip
When I know that the change has got to come
Or what am I living for? Or why am I here?
I running, I give in more,
Far away from the near
Go meta-physical world, the sign that protects
It wasn't the last
It won't be the next
It's Faculty X
Reading seeks, sages. Prophets and obocurantist tracts,
Draining the elixir to the dregs...
Active yeast in the bottom is on the attack
And it leaves me without any legs to stand on
Still I hope that the change will come
Meanwhile I don't know
I think I'll have to go
Yeah, go for the governing body my consciousness elect
It won't be so clear, it won't be direct.
It's all that I fear, it's all I suspect
And I'll disappear in Faculty Ex -
I pluck all these characters out of thin air,
I push them down into the lungs;
I infuse them with meaning as much as I dare.
Stretch out for the shoreline and wait
For the wave....

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Faculty X Lyrics

Peter Hammill – Faculty X Lyrics