When it starts to rain inside and you need a place to hide
There's nowhere left to run
You can hang on to a dream may not be just like it seems
You have no way to tell
When you'll find your peace of mind
Of this you can be sure

That I need you most of all, yes, I need you

I used to know it all, no chance that I would fall
How wrong could I be, can't see the wood for the trees
Then you helped to make me see
Your love became a part of me, and turned it all around
There's a place, so deep inside, I'd never been before

Here and now, this I can promise you
I'll never let you down
Cause I need you most of all
Yes, I need you the most
When it starts to rain inside you don't have to hide
Cause I need you by my side
Yes, I need you most of all
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Most Of All Lyrics

Peter Frampton – Most Of All Lyrics

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