Let's get pretentious
Put on an act
Let's get portentous
Embroider fact
Exaggerate it
Dress up the bland
Let's overrate it
Let the critics be damned

Let's get sensuous
Put on some, some airs
Let's drink Kailuas
All bored on the stairs
Let's get excited
When we say hello
Let's be delighted
Though it's nobody we know

I don't know much
But I know what I like
I don't know much
But so and so said such and such

Let's find a market
For sparkling wit
Let's make a target
Of anyone with a hit
Let's keep some secrets
Let's make them up
Put them together
Then break them up

I don't know much
But I know what I like
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Let's Get Pretentious Lyrics

Pete Townshend – Let's Get Pretentious Lyrics

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