I hurt you a lot, you said that you loved me as you packed your bags to go
Then you call on the phone to say that you miss me, then why did you go away?
Let it go or let it stay I guess I know what you're saying
It gets so cold while you're away that's why I hoped you'd be staying, but now you're
Leaving on a
Northern bound train
I know you're leaving on a northern bound train
This lonely feeling seems to hit me the same
Since you are leaving on a northern bound train
I guess I'll dream until I see you again
Or buy a ticket for myself upon a northern bound train.
The further you run, the less you were leaving, when you come back home to stay
The deeper in love the harder the crying when she is gone... Away.
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So I Am Over You Lyrics

Pete Droge – So I Am Over You Lyrics

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