I want your salvation - we need some liberation
And I believe in history yeah
Do you know what's wrong or right?
Imagine a life without rules
It's time to make a difference and it's plain to see
All we get is talk from you
I just want to live my life
I don't want to die an abomination
I want your savlation - I need your creation
Why can't you see - I got to be free
I'm never gonna stop being me
I want some indication and we need consideration
How long will it take before you hear our pleas?
Is there any hope in sight?
We're all the sum of humanity
Can't you see our point of view?
We just want to live our lives
How long can you hide from the truth?
What you want you might never get it
Till you try -so reach and grab it
Live your life for no real reason
Represent it stands to reason all your life I call it treason
I can't believe all the things I'm seeing
So live your life for no real reason
I can't believe all the things I'm seeing
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Salvation Lyrics

Pennywise – Salvation Lyrics