We take this life and each day we try
And we all believe, but we can't agree
You get the life you choose
But nothing you can use
We could pray all day, but things won't change
It's all we need; to make us believe

Don't Fight, you'll never win
So try, you'll so give in why
But why, you'll never know something you'll never know
Hate, you can't believe
Wait, we'll never see
Change, a little less tragedy
Is all we need

We choose to hide, what burns inside
We isolate and recriminate
We all want something more
A life worth fighting for
Gets Washed Way
Cause things wont change
It's all we need to make us believe


We All go a place we hide
You want out wanted out dead or alive
It's Your Life your philosophy
It's your dose of reality and It's all we Need
To make us believe

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All We Need Lyrics

Pennywise – All We Need Lyrics